What is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network whose job is to give you online privacy and keep you anonymous! By making a public internet connection into the private network it gives you anonymity. To make your online movement untraceable the VPN masks your IP (internet protocol) address. The most important thing about a VPN service is it set up encrypted and secure connections to confer more privacy which is greater than a secured Wi-Fi hotspot.

Why do you need a VPN?

In this modern era of technology if you are using unsecured wifi then it means you could be exposing your private data. For your online data security and your privacy, you must need a VPN. It’s for everyone because nobody will want to put their information in the wrong hands.

How VPN works and how it would secure our device?

how vpn works

It is a type of server with which if you login then you will access to any website without knowing your location.

You must have known what VPN is, now we tell you how VPN works, so how VPN can help you here. It is a server whenever you access a site after logging in from VPN it will encrypt your connection.

This is a connection that is not known to anyone, in such a situation, the ISP does not know which website you are accessing. Because when you do a google search, the ISP gives you access to the VPN server itself and the ISP thinks that you are accessing the VPN server but the VPN server that is available opens it to any site in the world, even if The website is blocked by the ISP, but you can access those blocked websites from the VPN server.

Advantages of VPN

  • The first advantages of VPN are that you can open any blocked website from it.
  • On the internet, you get VPN service free and paid as well. You can also use the VPN service for free, there are many apps in Google Playstore that provide VPN service for free.
  • When you use a VPN service, the entire connection is encrypted, so you can avoid hackers by using this service.
VPN advantages and disadvantages

Disadvantages of VPN

  • Many people believe that no one can catch them by using a VPN, but you cannot hide completely wrong because your data is present in the VPN server.
  • Many free VPN services can also misuse your data because they have complete details of what you have accessed.
  • The biggest disadvantage of VPN is that by using it, the hackers are able to hide their identity to some extent.
  • If you are running the internet using VPN then you will get slow speed because another server gets connected between you and Google which we call a VPN server.

Why should not use free VPN

Now you must know what VPN is and also want to know whether it should be used or not. Both free and paid VPN service has your data, whatever you access, such as logging in Gmail ID or entering a bank-related username and password, all of which have details in your VPN server.

More than half of the free VPN service on the Internet itself works to hack you, so if you are accessing any personal thing or information related to the bank, then you should not use a free VPN. To access information related to any personal thing or bank, you should always use the VPN provided by the big company.

From the above-mentioned special and normal things, you must know what is VPN, how to do VPN works, and what are its advantages and disadvantages. So here comes the point about VPN that this service gives you the opportunity to open any website in any place. You can protect yourself from hackers by using paid service, however, if you are using a free VPN service then you should not use your personal and bank-related username and password in any way. If you are using paid VPN service, then you can do all the work without any problem with it.

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