Smart Content Profits Review – What is Smart Content Profits?

Read Smart Content Profits Review to understand its full

Is This The Easiest Way Ever To Profit?

Type Your Domain Name, Site Title, And Subject,

And You Have A High-Profit Website

With Automatically Updating

Content In Just 1 Minute!

No Tech Skills, No Site Building, No Content Writing…

Your Automatic Profit Site Even Finds And “Legally Steals” The Content For You!

If You Are One Of These People:

  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Freelancer/Service Provider
  • Blogger
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Content Marketer
  • New/Struggling Online Marketer
  • Someone Who Wants To Make Online Profits Without Being A Tech Guru Or Content Genius

Then Smart Content Profits Is For YOU!

100% Money-Back Guarantee Get Access Now For $497 Only $27 — Hurry Act Now!

What If You Could Stop Wasting All That Time Learning Tech Junk,

Building Websites, And Just Trying To Make It All Work…

And Skip Straight To The GETTING PAID Part?

You can do this right here, right now… Turn your music off, put the dog outside, and close the door to the room so you can pay close attention to the important information I have for you!

Hello, My Friend and Fellow Entrepreneur,

I’m Richard Fairbairn, with my business partner Paul OKeeffe. I make money from niche content websites. I give people the content they’re searching for, I present them with relevant ads that I make money from, they buy stuff, and I get paid.

I get paid A LOT.

And I’ll be upfront with you, I can practically build and monetize websites in my sleep. You see, I’m a techy sort of guy, and I’ve been at this a long time. Like… a VERY long time, especially in “Internet years.” I am pretty much a grizzled veteran of the web.

However, I haven’t forgotten what it was like at the start. I clearly remember building my first website, back when you had to learn HTML and practically be a programmer to figure it all out (luckily, I led a team of programmers in the past, so that helped a bit). It was still no picnic, even with my tech background. But I figured it out, and the second website took a bit less time than the first, etc.

Luckily, WordPress Makes It Easy Now, Right? 

Well, Not So Fast…

Flash forward to today and we have great tools like WordPress that takes away the need for knowing all the tech stuff, right? WRONG. WordPress is great, once it’s all set up, but getting from Point A to Point B just has its own set of tech struggles. You have to:

  • Have the right kind of hosting account;
  • Set up a domain name on the host;
  • Set up a security certificate on the domain;
  • Set up the basic WordPress framework and database in the domain account;
  • Make sure all your permissions are correct;
  • Fill out all kinds of information in WordPress’ “easy” form;
  • Find a theme for your website, install it, and set it up (this step can be especially headache-prone since every theme has a different setup process); and
  • Find all the necessary plugins for what you want to do, install them, and set them up (and then hope that one plugin doesn’t interfere with other plugins, or mess up your theme)
  • Make sure everything is secure and hack-proof

That’s before you even THINK about adding content to your site.

Now You Have To Start Writing. UGH!!!

And let’s talk about content… Are you a writer? No? Well, are you prepared to WRITE all the content you’ll need, on a constant basis? Read Smart Content Profits Review to understand its full

Because your site is going to DIE in the search engines if you aren’t continually posting fresh, compelling content about your site topic.

So are you prepared to write one or more articles EVERY DAY to keep your rankings high and your audience coming back again and again? Every day, you’ll:

  • Think of topics that your market will be interested in;
  • Research those topics, so you have something to write about;
  • Think up unique angles, so you aren’t just saying the same thing over and over;
  • Actually DO the writing, making sure your spelling and grammar is correct, etc.; and
  • Post the content on the site on a regular schedule, so you don’t get behind.

Or are you prepared to PAY someone to do all that writing? That can get expensive, it isn’t uncommon for a good writer to charge upwards of $50 per article. Your site had better be making money QUICK if you’re spending THAT.

Producing content soon became my biggest challenge that held back my growth. Because, while I could build websites like the Flash, I still had to produce content. I wrote content for a LONG time, then paid a group of writers. But I still kept bumping up against barriers… Do I hire another writer? Can I justify the expense?

That’s when I discovered how to “legally steal” other people’s content for my own websites…

Content Curation, The Free And (Somewhat) 

Easy Way To “Legally Steal” Content!

Maybe you think you’ll curate content, which is a fantastic substitute. This involves finding content on another website, copying it (but not the WHOLE article — you need to post an excerpt), and posting it on your website (but not by itself, you have to properly cite and link to your source). Huge websites like Yahoo depend on curated content for pretty much their entire business model.

But there’s a dark side, it’s not THAT quick and easy. Be prepared to be chained to your desk every day, so you can:

  • Search for the best stories;
  • Skip the content that sucks;
  • Excerpt the content where necessary;
  • Add your thoughts where you want;
  • Include a properly formatted citation back to the original source; and
  • Make sure everything is done 100% A-OK the RIGHT way, so you don’t get into trouble.

Content curation does eliminate the headaches and drudgery of writing content from scratch, but it’s no cakewalk, either!

You’re Not Done Yet! Now You Have To Share Your

Posts On Social Media For Viral Traffic.

Oh, I almost forgot, for each article you post, you’d better share it out to each and every one of your social media accounts. This gives you the chance at getting viral traffic from people sharing your posts, while also building valuable linkbacks that many search engines like to see.

Every article you post MUST be shared out to:








Just doing that can take 10 or 15 minutes per article when you’re GOOD at it. And one platform will require an accompanying graphic, while another won’t, and one wants the share formatted a certain way… All kinds of fun stuff to keep track of and make mistakes on. So bump it up to a half-hour per article when you make mistakes.

This All Sounds Like A Royal Pain, Right?

I think you get the picture: It’s a pain in the ass at startup, and it’s a pain in the ass each day. And you have to do it all BEFORE you know if your site is going to make a dime in income.

Let’s think about this point, too… Are you going to get rich running ONE site? Probably not, unless you’re spectacularly lucky. And you don’t want to put your financial future (and your family’s financial future) on the line for luck. That’s just gambling with astronomically bad odds against you. Get it wrong, and there’s zero food on your table (if you can afford a table, that is).

So you have to be prepared to run a NETWORK of sites. Many sites. So, multiple all those royal pains in the ass times the number of sites you want/need to run, in order to make this worthwhile.

I’m guessing you’ve already experienced some or all of these problems. When, really, we all have the same thing we REALLY want to be doing…

Get To The Point… 

We Just Want To GET PAID!!!!!

Well, remember, I AM a techy sort of guy and led programmers in the past. And even though I’ve built hundreds, maybe thousands of websites over the years, and it comes easy to me, I still JUST… WANT… TO… GET… PAID.

I don’t want to be doing all these tech tasks, even if I can do them without thinking. They still take time, and nobody has figured out a way to manufacture more of that. And I do like my sleep, I’m not going to stay up all hours of the night to do all this crappy work. Even though I was making a good amount of money from it, it was all still a major time-consuming hassle. It was WORK, and WORK SUCKS.

I got really fed up with this one day, to the point where I just wanted to throw my mouse out the window, slam the door, and just start driving. Somewhere, anywhere, don’t care. You know that feeling?

And I did just that. The mouse was in my yard, I cracked the door frame, and I found myself on a quiet highway.

That’s When It Hit Me. The Answer Was In

Front Of My Face The Whole Time.

Let me paint a picture for you…

What if there was a way you could basically snap your fingers, and have a full WordPress website instantly built for you, all set up on your chosen domain name, all configured, with theme and plugins all in place, everything works, everything is beautiful…

AND THEN, your site will, on its own, start hunting out the best, most compelling content on whatever niche or subject your site covers. It will automatically do this, hands-off from you, posting the best of the best, completely curated in the proper format, with attributions and everything. Right now, or on a schedule you set. (You can even add your own articles IF you want to write them. But that’s totally optional.)

AND THEN, each article gets shared to all your social platforms, the correct way. Read Smart Content Profits Review to understand its full

You’d go from zero to a full setup LIVING BREATHING CONTENT CHUGGING website, just ready to be monetized with links, ads, etc. You’d skip all the life-sucking tech junk and mind-numbing work, and you’d be warped straight to the part where you start getting paid.

Automatic Self-Updating Websites Sound

Like A Dream, Right?

Well, at that point, it WAS a dream. But this is where I was really lucky to know so many programmers. I knew that,

where there’s an idea, there’s a way to build it.

So rather than building more sites, I assembled a team of hotshot programmers and set forth on building my solution.

A tool that would be like a site-building, content-finding robot, so I could multiply my website efforts by not just 10x, but 100x.

I wanted to reduce the work to the bare minimum:

1. Enter Domain Name

2. Enter Site Name

3. Enter Content Subject

That’s it. I wanted to do as little as possible — provide just the important facts and click the button.

Did we build it? You bet we did.

Did it succeed for me? You bet it did.

I Built The Dream.

Each morning, I’d fire up my custom-built app, input the Domain Name and Site Name for a new site and click the button. The app would:

  • Set up the domain and security certificate;
  • Set up the latest version of WordPress;
  • Add in a great theme and all the right plugins totally set up;
  • Make the site fully secure; and
  • Automatically connect it all up to my content engine.

From there, I’d enter the keywords or topics for my new site. My content engine would then go to work, searching out content feeds that carried the REAL articles and data my audience was hungry for. My new site would become their perfect one-stop-shop for information.

And every time my site posts a new article, it’s automatically shared to the specific social media accounts I run for that site’s niche.

And then I’d go have breakfast.

This is as close as I could come to a “magic button” that would create a fully done-for-me automated niche content site with social media syndication. And boy, did it rock my world.

This tool allowed me to build an entire network of monetized sites and practically take over the specialized niches I was “mining.” I went from middle of the pack to kingpin, and the bank deposits showed it.

And they still do.

That’s Great For You, Richard, But

How Does This Help Me?

Very smart question, with a very simple answer. 

I realized that, even with how easy, fast, and powerful my secret app was, I could never play it out. Even if I built new sites all day, I could never dominate all the hundreds of thousands of niches that are out there.

So I started to let a few close business friends play with it. And they were SHOCKED.

Here’s What They Had To Say:

“Smart Content Profits is another perfect example of the way Richard is taking proven concepts and give them his unique twist.

It is by far the best auto-site builder on offer today. Period. The most unique twist is in the fact you are actually building standalone WP sites, on your own domains, with possibly unique DNS and IP addresses, with managed hosting for life included (!), all on very fast servers.

Depending on the level you purchase you get at least 2 websites (up to 24 is possible with upgrades) you can create in seconds, auto add content and auto monetize with split testing.

All this goodness is backed up by Richard’s first-class support team so you are never left hanging. This is by far one of the best offers I’ve seen in a while. Well done!”

-Ely Shemer

“Smart Content Profits makes setting up, hosting, and building a network of WordPress sites on your own domains a breeze. Totally newbie-friendly, setup literally takes a couple of minutes at most. Absolutely no prior WordPress experience required- it’s as simple as completing a few fields and clicking a button.

Filling out your sites with quality content from a variety of sources is just as simple. Your sites can be updated with fresh content in real-time or scheduled posts completely hands-free. Lifetime WordPress hosting for a one-time fee makes this a truly cost-effective way to enjoy an unrivaled WordPress experience with a massive range of features and unparalleled customer service.”

-Michael Claasz –

I was fortunate enough to get Beta testing access to this online platform and highly innovative software, and Boy Oh Boy was I not completely taken aback. At best I describe myself as an intermediate user of WordPress and currently have more than 10 active websites in various niches.

It was always a struggle for me to choose the right theme and get started with content building, but Smart Content Profits has cut my time and effort tenfold. It allowed me to just simply add my WordPress domain, and the system set up the complete website within minutes. The ability to add in your keyword whilst the system auto-builds the site based on the keyword choice, is a feature that every website owner, whether newbie or highly experienced, will certainly appreciate.

Richard and Paul have been around for many years with a solid reputation as ethical and sincere online marketers and presenting product offerings that consistently stood the test of time. With Smart Content Profits, they have however substantially outdone themselves. The product is truly ground-breaking, a time and money saver i.e., no more web-design outsourcing or paying for monthly hosting. Best of all, it is exceptionally newbie-friendly, enabling you to really get your WordPress website up and running in minutes on super-fast, cloud-based servers. No more waiting on a developer taking days if not weeks to finish your web design project.

Gerry Mohamed –

Their reaction got me thinking. I’m very comfortable with my income, I’m basically set. My friends above will be the same way. But even this group of people couldn’t dominate the Internet.

I thought of the early hassles my friends and I had. I knew there were plenty of people out there, like you reading this right now, who were having the same frustrations.

If I released this to the public, I could have a major positive impact on people’s lives. I could transform them from people who were endlessly struggling to make money online, either to make some extra money, replace lost money, or start a new full-time career.

And sure, my friends were correct, my app could command a very high price. But if I released it at a low price, even just at the start, I could help MANY people get out of the holes they’re in (especially these days), which would be worth far more than the money I COULD’VE made.

The Internet is so vast, with so many hundreds of thousands of monetizable niches, there’s room for all of us.

So I prettied up the app’s interface, so it was “ready for prime time,” and am offering it to you, so you can benefit exactly as I have.


Smart Content Profits

FINALLY, Profitable Content Sites As Simple As 1-2-3!

1) Enter Your Domain Name

2) Enter Your Site Name

3) Enter Your Site Topic

Your Site Is Built And Automatically Stocked With Self-Updating Content!

No Hosting, No Tech, No Setup, No Writing… It Really IS Just That Easy!

ACT NOW! Special Early

100% Money-Back Guarantee to Get Access Now For $497 $27 — Hurry Act Now!

In Just A Few Minutes From Now,

You Can Have A Fully Operational Content-

Stocked Site, Ready To Start Paying You!

Check Out Smart Content Profits In Action:

Here’s What You Get In Smart Content Profits:

Full Access To My Secret App

This is the heart and soul of Smart Content Profits. Just login to your account from anywhere, on any device, and you’ll be at your super easy-to-use dashboard. Just enter these items:

  • Domain name for your new site
  • Title for your new site
  • Keyword or subject for your new site

And click the BUILD button. THAT’S IT!

High Powered FAST Hosting

Your web host can make or break your success, especially if you use one of those budget cheapie web hosts. Those guys usually do one or more of the following:

  • Overload their servers with too many customers
  • Use out-of-date equipment to save money
  • Use slower cheaper upstream providers
  • Wimp out on customer support

Kiss those risks goodbye. I depend on my sites, so I’ve got bulletproof fast hosting… and so will you. Your sites are automatically built on hosting that won’t let you down… and won’t hurt your budget, because it’s INCLUDED AT NO CHARGE!

Fully Secure WordPress Setup

No more having to manually set up WordPress, with all its confusing settings and technical mumbo-jumbo. And no worrying if your site can get hacked down the line, putting all your hard work — and income — in jeopardy.

  • Your WordPress site is set up the RIGHT way
  • Always the latest, most secure version
  • Every permission correct, every setting correct
  • Ongoing security is always locked in
  • Your setup details can be downloaded in a text file

Your WordPress woes are a thing of the past!

Always The Right Theme & Plugins,

Always Set Up The Right Way!

Themes and plugins can be a total nightmare. You NEED them… but finding them and setting them up can be the most work of all.

  • Themes/plugins can fall out of date and die
  • Each theme/plugin has a different setup process
  • Which plugin really does the best job?
  • Will my plugins conflict with each other or with the theme?
  • Good luck getting support

Not anymore. I identified the BEST theme and plugins for this type of site. I depend on them, and I don’t want any problems while building the site, or down the line. You get the same handpicked theme and plugins that I use, which work perfectly every time.

Automatic Self-Updating Content Curation

Your site can’t survive without content. Rather than resigning yourself to a life chained at your desk, churning out articles… or paying someone else to do it… Smart Content Profits will search for the best fresh content on your subject, and “legally steal” it for use on your site!

  • Content is always on topic and fresh
  • Specify parameters or let it go on its own
  • Immediate posting or post by scheduling calendar

Smart Content Profits turns your site into self-updating one-stop-source for the content your audience is hungry for!

Content Always Posted When YOU Want

flexible. Some sites should be updated once daily, some more, some less. You can always have content posted based on the specific schedule YOU want.

  • Let Smart Content Profits post whenever it finds something new
  • Designate a specific schedule for as far into the future as you want
  • Look ahead, see what will be posted, and change it if you want
  • Will my plugins conflict with each other or with the theme?
  • Always the option to add original content if you want

You’re never locked in to a content posting schedule that won’t “work” for your niche.

Automatic Curated Content Citations

Keep You 100% Legal

Remember how I said Smart Content Profits will “legally steal” content for your site? That means it’s automatically curating content that other sources post. This is totally whitehat and allowable — even big companies like Yahoo depend on curated content for their sites!

But you MUST include a properly formatted citation link back to the source. Mess this up and you’re committing a copyright violation that can result in losing your website and high dollar fines.

Smart Content Profits will ALWAYS include a properly formatted citation link with every single content item it curates for you. No worries, and no problems down the line.

Get Viral Traffic, Engagement, And Linkbacks From Social Media

If you aren’t socially sharing each article you post on your website, you’re missing out on crucial opportunities.

  • Viral traffic from people sharing your posts
  • Social engagement that builds your social network
  • High value linkbacks that search engines love

Smart Content Profits ensures every one of your posts gets properly shared to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Imgur, Reddit, and Blogger account. Always formatted properly, always using the right image, always ready to generate viral sharing!

100% Money-Back Guarantee Get Access Now For $497 Only $27 — Hurry Act Now!

This Is As Close As You’ll Ever Get To An Automatic

Set It And Forget It Money Making Website!

Remember, I was building these sites manually, just like you. Even with my extensive tech knowledge and experience building thousands of websites, it was just too much. I know your pain!

I built Smart Content Profits to be as automatic as it could possibly be. I wanted to work as little as possible. And I’m assuming you feel the same way! Why continue doing confusing or repetitive tasks, when they can all be automated.

I’ve automated everything. You just need to have a domain name, a site title, and a niche. A child can do this! In a few minutes, you’ll have a fully built, fully stocked, self-updating site, quicker and easier than you ever thought it could be.

Smart Content Profits 

Is 100% Cloud-Based Nothing To Download,

Nothing To Install, Works Everywhere!

Software is a pain. You have to download it, run an installation, hope it works with your system setup, and then start troubleshooting when it doesn’t. Plus, install on your desktop machine and you might have to pay a second time to install on your laptop.

I built Smart Content Profits as a cloud-based app. Nothing for you to download, nothing for you to install. No worrying about PC or Mac or Android or iPhone… Whatever you’re using — computer, laptop, tablet, phone — and wherever you’re at — office, home, library, the beach, the bathroom — Smart Content Profits will work for you!

Take Advantage Of This Special Early Bird Launch 

And I’ll Including These Fast Action Bonuses


5,000 Visitor Traffic Boost

You want traffic coming to your site ASAP, right? Well, I’m here to help with that! I’m going to give you 5,000 visitors to your site! Not bot traffic, 5,000 real live breathing visitors. It’s simple:

  • Enter the URL to send the traffic to (could be your front page or a specific post)
  • Decide how many of the 5,000 visitors should be sent there

That’s it! Your link will be approved within 24 hours and the traffic spigot will be turned on!

Get Instant Live Traffic To Your Brand New Site

$297 Value!


Lead Collection & Monetization System

When you have leads coming to your site, you’ll want to capture their info, right? Building that list is KEY to your success, so you can promote to them again and again and again.

I’m including my special lead collection & monetization system at absolutely no cost. Instantly add this to your website and you’ll be able to build your list and follow up to them with your offers and info!

Get Instant Long Term List Monetization From Day 1

$197 Value!


Smart Content Profits Blogging Edition

I realized a long time ago that some niches are served better by regular article-style sites, while other audiences prefer blogs. So I made sure to have a one-click blog-style version built into my app! All the necessary plugins get activated, and everything is properly set up and secured.

You’ll get this “flip a switch and you have a blog” edition for no additional charge with your quick purchase today!

Instant Professional Quality Blogs For High Return Traffic!

$97 Value!


Smart Content Profits Content Edition

Does your audience prefer a content site? No problem! Click this on and you’ll have a perfectly set up content site, with the best relevant content that keeps your readers engaged, proper professional formatting, and everything you need to get clicks that convert into dollars.

You’ll get this “instant content site” edition for no additional charge with your quick purchase today!

Engaging Content Sites That Convert For You!

$197 Value!

100% Money-Back Guarantee to Get Access Now For $497 Only $27 — Hurry Act Now!

I’m Confident You’ll Be Happy & Profitable,

But Your Satisfaction Is STILL Guaranteed

I think you’re facing a very easy and obvious choice right now, don’t you agree? You can continue slogging away at busywork, spending valuable irreplaceable hours of your time:

  • Manually setting up domains and WordPress sites on that hosting account you HOPE will be bulletproof, fast, and dependable…
  • Manually finding themes and plugins for each site, hoping and praying that they “play nicely” together and don’t fail when one of them inevitably updates…
  • Manually searching every day for fresh compelling content to curate onto your site, making sure to excerpt, post, and cite everything 100% correctly (remember, one mistake and you can be in a heap of trouble)…
  • Manually sharing each post, correctly formatted with a good graphic, to each and every one of your social media accounts…

Over and over and over, with the workload increasing with each site you open…

…Or you’ll grab my Smart Content Profits right now, which does ALL of the above for you with 3 pieces of information and a mouse click. And you’ll get it today for a special money-saving low price launch deal, which includes your four Fast Action bonuses!

I’ll see you on the inside, where you can get started in just a few minutes from now. Click the buy button below while the price is still low.

100% Money-Back Guarantee to Get Access Now For $497 Only $27 — Hurry Act Now!

Thanks for reading, I’m looking forward to helping

you and celebrating your success!

Paul OKeeffe

Richard Fairbairn

P.S. I’m not joking about this being a special launch price that you need to act right now on. If you wait until later when you return to this page, don’t be surprised if the price has taken a massive jump.

The app won’t be any different, only the price. And you might not get the Fast Action bonuses either, because, well, you didn’t take fast action.

And I’ve guaranteed that you will be satisfied.

So there’s really no reason to wait.

Why are you still reading? Click the buy button now and let’s get started!

100% Money-Back Guarantee to Get Access Now For $497 Only $27 — Hurry Act Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it really that simple, just 3 pieces of info and a click?

A: YES! Remember, I built Smart Content Profits for myself because I wanted to do the least amount of work possible. I wanted to be able to expand my empire without being buried under repetitive site-building tasks and spiraling demand for fresh content. I made it easy for ME, and it will be equally easy for YOU.

Q: Will this work on PC/Mac/Tablet/Android/iPhone?

A: Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes! Smart Content Profits is an online service that you can log into from any device anywhere. You don’t need to download and install anything, so it will work no matter what device you’re using. Just log into your dashboard with your username and password, and go.

Q: How many websites can I build?

A: The basic version of Smart Content Profits gives you the ability to add up to three domains/sites. There are additional upgrades available so that you can add more.

Q: What if I’m unhappy with Smart Content Profits?

A: If you run into any problems, just fill out a support ticket for my team. We will fix any problems that you’re having and ensure you’re happy. If we cannot fix your issue, we will be happy to refund your money within the first 30 days after purchase.

100% Money-Back Guarantee to Get Access Now For $497 Only $27 — Hurry Act Now!

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