NordVPN Review – What is NordVPN?

It keeps the data of its users absolutely confidential and provides excellent customer service. It is one of the few VPNs that offer features like DoubleVPN and VPN-Over-Tor to their users. Its customer service is also amazing. And with all this, its price is also much less than other big VPNs. Please read the full NordVPN Review.

nordVPN Logo
NordVPN Logo

What does NordVPN cost?

Let’s first talk about the price of this VPN. This VPN comes in four plans:- monthly (monthly) plan, an annual (annual) plan, and a two-yearly (bi-yearly) plan.

Its monthly plan costs $11.95 per month. Whereas its annual plan costs just $4.92 per month, which is almost half of the monthly plan. NordVPN’s two-yearly plan comes in at just $3.71 per month which is pretty low.

If you compare almost all the plans of NordVPN with the rest of the big VPNs, then you will find NordVPN much cheaper. Although many smaller VPNs such as Surfshark VPN cost much less than NordVPN. But their features and services are also much less than NordVPN.

And how you can get NordVPN cheaper than this, we will talk about it further.

How to buy NordVPN

If you want to buy NordVPN then follow the steps given below:-

  • First of all go to the official website of NordVPN by clicking here.
  • After that click on the option “Get NordVPN”.
  • After that click on whichever plan you like. With this, if you want to take NordPass or NordLocker service, then click there.
  • After that click on “Continue To Payment”.
  • Then click on whatever method you want to make payment (credit card, google pay, paypal, cryptocurrency).
  • After that you have to verify your email id with NordVPN. And a password will also have to be set.
  • Then you have to give your payment details from which your payment will be done.
  • Your VPN account will be activated as soon as the payment is successful.
  • Then you can download NordVPN apps for your system from NordVPN website itself. You can download the app according to which OS you have.
  • After this, you just have to enter your id and password in the app and your NordVPN will be running. Then you can enjoy all its benefits.

Apart from this, if you have an Android or iOS mobile phone, then you can download NordVPN’s app directly from the Google Play Store and App Store, create your account and make payment from the same.

Features of NordVPN

  1. Many Servers And Server Locations
    NordVPN has the largest number of VPN servers in the world. It has a complete network of 5600 VPN servers which is the largest VPN network. With so many servers, NordVPN has decent internet speeds.

In addition, NordVPN covers almost all the important places in the world through its server network.

With this you can connect your system to servers in more than 60 places of the world. Which means that you can watch content, videos, websites from more than 60 countries of the world through this VPN.

More than this, only ExpressVPN and CyberGhost VPN provide Server Locations, which are both more expensive than NordVPN.

  1. Maximum Privacy
    NordVPN does its best to protect the privacy of its users. Its head-quarter is in a country named Panama where there is no rule-law for data retention. For this reason, there is no restriction on NordVPN to collect data of its users. Along with this, it follows a strict no-logging policy. Under this policy, it does not keep any personal information of its users with itself. This means that if the police ever ask them for information about their users, they will have nothing to give and their users will be safe.

NordVPN also conducted a third-party audit of its servers to verify this policy. This audit was conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

  1. Maximum Security
    NordVPN is one of the most secure VPNs in the world. Hardly any other VPN will give as much security as it gives to its users. It uses amazing encryption technology, data leak protection, and many amazing features to protect you. Let us know about all these very well.

First of all, let’s talk about its military-grade encryption technology in this Nord VPN Review. It uses AES-256-GCM cypher and HMAC SHA256 hash authentication for encryption. You just know that this is the world’s most secure encryption technology and no one has penetrated it so far. And even after this, the key which is there, keeps changing every hour. So even if someone hacks you, you will not be able to keep you hacked for more than 60 minutes.

Along with this, it uses the OpenVPN protocol which is both fast and secure. And its DNS leak protection system also keeps all your personal information safe.

  1. A Cybersec Feature
    NordVPN also offers a feature called Cybersec to all its users. It is a site filter and ad-blocker. By using this, many types of ads coming on your phone are stopped. These ads use your extra internet and slow down your phone and other systems a bit.

Along with this, they also collect a lot of your personal information which is not right from the point of view of your security. Along with this, many times dangerous sites are also opened on your device, which can also hack your system. The Cybersec feature prevents all these sites from being opened and keeps your system secure.

  1. High-Speed ​​Internet and Amazing Performance
    In today’s time, along with security, it is also important to have a better internet speed. Due to the real-time data encryption of VPN, the internet speed decreases slightly, due to which people shy away from using VPN.

But this is rarely seen with NordVPN. Due to its many servers and better connectivity, its internet speed is quite good. Although it is not the fastest VPN and ExpressVPN and Cyberghost VPN are slightly ahead of it in terms of speed.

But NordVPN is also enough to meet the internet needs of a common man. With this you can comfortably watch full-HD movies and videos. Along with this, you can also download big files with it.

  1. Access to Geo-Restricted Content
    With NordVPN, you can watch on the Internet even what you could not see with your normal Internet. NordVPN gives you the opportunity to view all geo-blocked content. Here I would like to tell you that a lot of content of Amazon Prime Video and Netflix is ​​also geo-blocked and only a few people of any one country can watch it.

But with NordVPN, you can change your location and enjoy the content of all those places. You can access Netflix and amazon prime from almost all the servers of NordVPN. And if your server is not able to do this, then you can immediately talk to customer care and ask them for the name of another server.

  • Torrenting Friendly
    Torrenting is also quite easy with NordVPN. Although it is still possible to run torrent in India without using a VPN, still there are many advantages of using NordVPN for torrenting like:-

First of all, with this, you can also access those sites which the Government of India has refused to use. hdfriday is one such site on which movies are available and the government keeps closing it due to copyright issues.

A 2018 Apple MacBook Air laptop computer with a Gold finish, taken on November 19, 2018. (Photo by Neil Godwin/T3 Magazine)

Along with this, with VPN, you also get security while using torrent. Actually using torrent is not very secure and there is a possibility of hacking your system. But with NordVPN you can rest assured about it.

With NordVPN, you get better speeds while torrenting.

If you are in a country where using torrent is absolutely forbidden. So you can find torrent-friendly servers and do torrenting with its p2p feature.

  1. Kill-Switch Feature
    When we get disconnected from the VPN server without any reason, then our privacy is at risk and all our personal information which we have been hiding till now becomes public. But NordVPN has put App Kill Switch and Internet Kill Switch feature in its VPN to protect its users from this. Let us know a little about them.
  • Internet Kill Switch

Within this feature, as soon as you disconnect from the VPN server, you will be disconnected from every site and app and your personal information will not be public anywhere.

  • App Kill Switch

Within this feature, after disconnecting from the VPN, the apps will be closed but the websites will continue to run.

With both these features, even if your system is removed from the VPN server, you will still be safe.

  1. Amazing Customer Support(A good and responsive customer service)
    After purchasing a VPN, it is very important to get good customer service from it. This is because VPN is a very technical thing and there is always the possibility of problems with it. But with NordVPN you don’t have to worry because it offers excellent customer service.

It gives an email chat support where you can email your problem and you will get the solution of your problem in the form of an email after some time. Apart from this, you can also find a solution to your problem by visiting NordVPN’s website.

Otherwise you can message their live chat support 24×7 anytime and some customer care executive will give you a solution to your problem.

  1. Double VPN and Onion-Over-VPN
    Both these features are for those people who demand a lot of security. With Double VPN your entire data is encrypted 2 times and after that, it is absolutely impossible to trace your identity.

Also, with Onion-Over-VPN, a VPN is installed over your Tor network and then it becomes impossible to hack you or trace your identity.

Both these features give a lot of security but at the same time your internet speed also reduces a lot. So use them only when absolutely necessary.

What is best about NordVPN

  • NordVPN is the most secure.
  • NordVPN is the most confidential.
  • With the kill-switch feature, you are not at risk.
  • You get a very good level of security with Double VPN and Onion Over VPN.
  • With one account, you can connect up to 6 of your devices and keep your entire family safe.
  • With NordVPN, you get so much better to speed that you can also do Full-HD video streaming with it.
  • With NordVPN you get the most servers.
  • NordVPN’s customer service is also quite responsive.
  • In this, you can also pay with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

What is not good about NordVPN?

Most of the servers located in Malaysia of NordVPN work very slow. So if you live in Malaysia, then you might not like this VPN.

NordVPN Internet speed is slightly lower than ExpressVPN and CyberGhost VPN. However, this thing is fulfilled by its low price.

How to get NordVPN cheap?

If you want to buy NordVPN cheaply or at a low price or absolutely for free, then you can keep some things in mind for that.

First of all, the price of NordVPN becomes very low in Black Friday Sale, so if you want, then you can buy this VPN at very low prices at that time. Then at least 40% discount is given on it from NordVPN. Although the actual discount is slightly less than this. This Black Friday sale will start around November 27 this year, so don’t forget to check it out.

Apart from this, you can also buy NordVPN at a low price on the Cyber ​​Monday Sale.

How to get NordVPN for free?

There is no right way to get NordVPN for free. Because there is a lot of costs to run a VPN server, due to which no VPN company can run for free. And if any website is giving you an app or software in the name of NordVPN, then do not trust it at all. These softwares are made to hack your system. There is no free NordVPN in these.

So do not fall prey to these false websites and stay away from them.

Although you can connect up to 6 systems with one NordVPN account, so if any of your friends use NordVPN, you can take their account from them.

How to run NordVPN for free for 30 days?

NordVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with its account. Under this, if you do not like the VPN within 30 days, then you can get your money back. This guarantee also shows the confidence of this VPN company.

You can use it to use NordVPN for free for 30 days. You just have to pay for it first and then you can request for a refund anytime within 30 days.

Follow these steps to cancel your NordVPN subscription and get a full refund:

  • Sign in with your account by visiting NordVPN’s website.
  • After that go to the “Accounts” page and click on the three dots next to “change plan”.
  • After that click on “Cancel automatic payments”. And then click on “confirm cancellation”.
  • After that, your subscription will be canceled.
  • Then you have to request a full refund from the NordVPN agent through NordVPN’s live chat support. He will ask you about your problem and then the refund will be transferred to you.
  • It will take a few days for the refund to reach you. But within 10 days this whole process will be over.

What are the alternatives to NordVPN?

If you do not want a VPN as advanced as NordVPN or want an even more advanced VPN, then you can see some of its options.

First of all, if you want better speed than NordVPN, then you can buy ExpressVPN. This is a very fast VPN, with this you will also be able to get 4K streaming. However, you will have to pay more for this.

After this, if you want a cheaper VPN than this, then you can also look at PureVPN or Surfshark and WireGuard VPN. It offers fewer features than NordVPN but also comes for less money.

Should you buy NordVPN?

NordVPN is the most secure and affordable VPN available today. So if NordVPN comes in your budget then you should definitely try using it.

With NordVPN you can watch movies, TV-shows and web-series from all over the world. Along with this, you can download your favorite files from torrents and other websites. And with all this, you can also keep your system safe.

However, if you do not use the Internet or use very little, then you can also buy a cheap VPN.

Should you use a free VPN?

Many of you who are reading this article must have some free VPN on your phone. And you will feel safe using them. But let me tell you that this VPN is the most insecure. Many of which VPNs steal your data and then sell it.

This puts your security and privacy at risk. Along with this, all your data is also sold to advertising agencies, which then start showing you more ads accordingly.

You do not even get good speed and good servers in Free VPNs. And even after all this, you have to see ads to use them.


At the end of this NordVPN Review, it is a very good VPN and you should definitely try it out once. Along with this, we hope that through this article all the information related to NordVPN has been got. If we have missed something, please help us by commenting. And if you liked the article, then boost our morale by sharing and commenting.

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