VyprVPN Review : What is VyprVPN?


You need to read the full VyprVPN Review to understand it. VyprVPN provides a good and speedy network connection. You can use 30 connections on 1 server simultaneously. It’s s a good option for big households and people with many devices. VyprVPN comes under the gold frog company, which is formed in 2009.

VyprVPN has 70+ servers locations, 1 server locates in India.

VyprVPN company makes no clarity about which is a virtual server and which is a physical server.

Virtual server– let’s understand this term by an example – server is located in Singapore, not in India, only it uses India’s IP address.

Physical server – it’s like a powerful computer kept in a data center for business use.

India servers provide the speed of:-

35mbps for downloading, 50 Mbps for uploading

The speed of Indian servers is poor as compared to foreign servers.

Security – it provides AES 256 BIT standard encryption.

Security protocols – you have IKEV2 open disregard VPN

They also have a chameleon protocol which is based on proprietary technology, which is used for unblocking in censorship countries like China, Russia, or North Korea.There you can utilize the chameleon protocol technology.

VyprVPN can access Netflix, amazon prime video, Hulu, BBC IPlayer but unfortunately, it can’t access Disney+ Hotstar.

By using this network we can access banned or illegal sites by the government.

VyprVPN is an excellent network for privacy and security. Fead whole VyprVPN Review to know about it.

It’s a friendly app, which protects your phone from harmful viruses. It’s great for streaming, it gives you fast speed

Also, it has affordable plans.

Features of VyprVPN

  1. 256 bit AES encryption – it protects your data with end-to-end encryption. Financial institutions and militaries also use this network.
  2. No logs policy – in 2018, VyprVPN company provided results that they don’t collect your data when you are using this network.
  3. Kill switch – when you turn off your internet, VPN also disconnects which prevents leaking of data.

VyprVPN servers and IP addresses

VyprVPN has 700+ servers in 60+ countries, VyprVPN has a smaller server network compared to express VPN and cyber Ghost VPN. VyprVPN servers are spread in many countries, due to this it offers nearby servers which offer fast speed.

Vyprvpn automatically detects overcrowded sever and switch to another server that is less crowded in that particular country.

VyprVPN doesn’t offer a dedicated or safe IP address.

If you want to use a dedicated IP address then you can go for express VPN and cyber Ghost VPN.

VyprVPN for iOS users

VyprVPN for iOS is not good as compared to android, iOS apps do have not public wifi protection option and kill switch.

If you want a better kill switch in iOS then go for private internet access.

Vyprvpn for windows or dekstop

VyprVPN for Windows and macOS app identical interfaces as the Mobile apps.it includes good features and is easy to navigate but VyprVPN for macOS app is not that good compared to the windows app. The macOS includes split – tunneling and is able to block malicious sites.

Split tunneling

Vyprvpn is great for split tunneling as it has a feature called connection per app. It tells you the traffic travels through these VPN servers. Split tunneling made streaming easily on Netflix through the local network, in this feature of VyprVPN network speed remains fast. But VyprVPN is only available for Android and macOS apps. Most VPN doesn’t offer split tunneling on IOS.

Connection per app is easy to use and there are no bugs in it.

 Is VyprVPN free?

No VyprVPN doesn’t provide free plans but it gives you 30 days money-back guarantee, because of this we can check VyprVPN is working properly or not.  If is cheapie than other VPNs as it’s 2 months plan cost = a 1-month plan for other VPNs.

I‘ll not recommend you free VPN as it contains bugs and often lack, slow speed also. If you want to purchase any cheap VPN with security then you can go for VyprVPN.

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