What is web hosting and where to buy it?

Today I will tell you, what is web hosting. Having a website of your own is a big deal. It is not a matter of everyone to maintain the website, for this, it is very important to have the proper knowledge. To create a website, many things have to be kept in mind, such as having a domain name and hosting for your website is very important, due to which our website gets recognition.

But those who are new to the world of blogging do not have much knowledge about what is web hosting, and that is why they choose the wrong hosting according to their needs, due to which they have to face many problems going forward.

Therefore, in this article today, I will give you information about Hosting Meaning and how many types they are. So that you can choose the right hosting for your website.

What is the internet?

You must be thinking that why am I telling about the Internet. Before understanding the hosting service, it is very important for you to know what is Internet. Internet is the world’s largest interconnected network. Interconnected means connected to each other. Today’s whole world, from mobile to computer, is connected to this big network.

If you have ever seen computers connected to each other in a computer lab, then you can also name it the Internet. When your computer connects to a public network, it also becomes a part of the Internet. With which you can also call web server or web host.

So you must be thinking that if your computer is also a server then why can’t other people see it? The answer is that every computer and mobile has privacy and security, that is why others cannot access it. If you remove this security and give the public access, then everyone will be able to see the contents kept on your computer. Let us now know about web hosting.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting provides the service of placing all the websites on the Internet. Because of this, the website of any one person or organization can be accessed through the Internet all over the world. By gives space, I mean that keeps your website’s files, images, videos, etc. stored on a special computer. We call Ishi a web server.

That computer is connected to the Internet 24Γ—7 all the time. We provide web hosting services to many companies like Godaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost, etc. And we also call them web hosts.

Accordingly, we can also say that to keep our website stored in other high-powered computers (web servers), we pay rent to them just like we pay rent to live in a stranger’s house.

How does web hosting work?

When we create our website, we want that share our knowledge and information with people, so for that, we have to first upload our files on web hosting.

After doing this, whenever an Internet user types your domain name on his web browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera), then after that Internet will change your domain name to that. Connects to the webserver where the files of your website are already stored. After adding, all the information of the website reaches that user’s computer, then from there the user views the page according to his needs and acquires knowledge.

What is a domain name and how does it work?

DNS (Domain Name System) is used to add the domain name to the hosting. This lets the domain know on which web server your website is placed. Because the DNS of each server is different.

Where to buy web hosting?

There are many companies in the world that provide the best hosting. If you want all your visitors to be from India, then you will be better off buying hosting from India. The farther your hosting server is from your country, the more time it will take for you to access the website.

If you buy hosting from all the web hosting providers in India, then you will not need a credit card for that. You can buy through your ATM card or Internet Banking. Once you buy hosting, you can easily access it by adding it to your domain name. Below you will find some website names, which are trustworthy and give good service.

Hostgator India

Which company to buy hosting from?

You will have many options to buy web hosting, but you have to decide which company will be right according to your needs. It is very important to have some information before buying hosting.

Disk Space

Disk Space is the storage capacity of your hosting. Just like 500GB and 1TB space resides in your computer, similarly, there is storage in hosting also.

If possible, buy hosting with unlimited disk space. With this, you will never be in danger of getting the disk full.

How much data can be accessed on your website in a second, we call it bandwidth. When someone is accessing your website, your server uses some data and shares the information with it. If your bandwidth is less and more visitors are accessing your website then your website will be down.

The amount of time your website remains online or available is called uptime. Sometimes your website gets down due to some problems, which means you do not know openly. We call it downtime. Nowadays every company gives a guarantee of 99.99% uptime.

customer service
Every hosting company says that they provide 24Γ—7 customer service. But in the end, it was not like that. Whatever hosting service I use, Hostgator gives the best customer service. For Godaddy’s customer service, you have to talk on the phone itself, which is not free.

Types of Web Hosting

You know what web hosting is and how it works. Now we know how many types they are. There are many types of web hosting, but in today’s time, we will only know about those which are being used the most. So basically there are 3 types of web hosting. From here you can read how to buy hosting.

1) Shared web hosting
2) VPS (Virtual Private Server)
3) Dedicated hosting
4) Cloud Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting
When we go out of the home to study or go for a job, we live in a rented house where many other people share the same room with us, in the same way, shared web hosting is also the same.

Shared web hosting has a single server where the files of thousands of websites are stored simultaneously in the same server computer, hence the name of this hosting has been kept shared.

Shared web hosting is right for those people who have made their website new because this hosting is the cheapest. With this hosting, you will not have to face trouble until your website becomes famous and when the visitors to your websites start increasing then you can also change your hosting.

As it is a shared web server, if a website becomes very busy then all other websites will slow down because of that and it will take time to open their page, this is the biggest demerit of this web hosting. Shared hosting is mostly used by new bloggers. In this, many users use the CPU, RAM of the same system.

Advantages of Shared Hosting

  • This hosting is very easy to use and set up.
  • This is a great option for Basic Websites.
  • Its price is very low, so everyone can buy it.
  • Its control panel is very user-friendly.

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

In this, you will get to access very limited resources.
Since you share the server with others in it, there are chances of its performance going down a bit.
Its security is not that good.
Almost all companies do not provide much support in this.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is like a hotel room. Where you have the right to all the things in that room. There is no sharing with anyone else in this. Visualization technology is used in VPS hosting. In which a strong and secure server is divided into virtually different parts.

But different resources are used for each virtual server. Due to which your website can use as many resources as it needs. Here you do not have to share with any other website and your website gets the best security and performance.

This hosting is a bit costly and websites with more visitors are used. If you want performance like a dedicated server for less money then VPS is best for you.

Advantages of VPS Hosting

  • The best performance is provided in this hosting.
  • In this, you get full control just like dedicated hosting.
  • In this, you get more flexibility because you can customize it in your own way and change like memory upgrades, bandwidth.
  • It is not more valuable than Dedicated Hosting, due to which it can be bought by anyone who has more traffic.
  • Its privacy and security are very good.
  • Apart from this, good support is provided to you.

Disadvantages of VPS Hosting

In this, you are provided fewer resources than dedicated hosting.

To use it, you must have technical knowledge.

Dedicated Hosting

Just like in shared hosting, many websites share the space of the same server, dedicated hosting is its complete opposite. Its likeness is the same as a person has a big house of his own and no one else is allowed to live in it and all the responsibility of that house lies with that person only, the work of dedicated hosting is also similar.

The server in dedicated hosting stores the files of only one website and it is the fastest server. There is no sharing in this. And this hosting is the most expensive because only one person has to pay its entire rent.

Whose website gets more visitors every month, this hosting is only right for them. And also for those who want to earn more money from their website. Many e-commerce sites like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal use dedicated hosting only.

Advantages of Dedicated Hosting

  • In this, the client is given more control and flexibility over the server.
  • Compared to all hosting, it has the highest security.
  • It is the most stable.
  • In this, full root / administrative access is provided to the client.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Hosting

  • It is costlier than all the hosting.
  • To control it, you must have technical knowledge.
  • Here you cannot solve your problems yourself, due to which you have to hire technicians.

Cloud Web Hosting
Cloud Webhosting is a type of hosting that uses resources from other clustered servers. Basically, this means that your website uses virtual resources from other servers so that it completes all aspects of your hosting.

Here the load is balanced, special care is taken of security and all the hardware resources are virtually available in it so that it can be used anytime and anywhere. Here the cluster of servers is called the cloud.

Advantages of Cloud Hosting

  • Here the chances of the server being down are very less because everything is available in the cloud.
  • Here large high traffic can also be handled easily.

Disadvantages of Cloud Hosting

  • The facility of root access is not provided here.
  • This hosting is a bit more expensive than the rest.

Linux vs Windows Web Hosting
You have two options while buying hosting. One is for Linux and the other is for Windows. Have you ever thought that what is the difference between the two? You can use either hosting, but Windows hosting is a bit expensive. Linux is an open-source operating system, so that is why the hosting company does not have to pay money to use it. That’s why it is cheap.

But the company has to pay for the license of Windows, that is why it is expensive. Both the servers are great but Linux is considered more secure than Windows. You will find most of the blogs and websites on Linux servers only because they are cheaper and give more features than Windows.

What does Server Uptime mean?

Server uptime refers to the time when your web server is fully functional and online. At this time your blog or website is working properly.

Which type of web hosting should we get for our site?

It depends on how big your site is, how much traffic comes to it, etc. If you are starting a new site then you should take Shared Hosting which is the most economical.

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